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Designed To Transform Your B2B Partnerships & Automate Your Operations

Trip Affiliates Network provides turnkey solutions and/or “add-on” direct supplier connectivity services travel agents, wholesalers & hotels

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Increase Your Bookings 24/7

Plug & play solutions designed to increase your sales with superior supplier connectivities & competitive global offerings

Optimise Your Resources To Drive Bookings, Less On Operations

Turnkey solutions for travel operators to optimise your business margins with operations automation & multiple payment solutions

It Takes More Than Technology To Be A Forefront Travel Company

We have an experienced team who have stood in the shoes of travel consultants, hoteliers & IT engineers. Our team is your team. We listen to your needs and requirements

Trip Affiliates Network is a independent booking & distribution platform. We help hotel & travel companies across APAC regions sell their services daily, with real-time bookings made directly on the platform or through the cutting-edge distribution channels

  • Wholesale Distribution

    Expand beyond traditional industry boundaries & become a proactive, online-driven distributor, reaching out to thousands of agents regionally, alongside with vertical growth

  • Dynamic Packaging Solution

    Provide your customers a one-stop holistic booking experience with dynamic selection & pricing, as well as automating the delivery of bundled package savings

  • Channel Manager Certified

    We are certified by leading and key channel managers - SiteMinder, DerbySoft, RateGain etc. Let us do the automation & mapping while you focus on growing your client base. Other benefits include managing all channel connectivities from a singular dashboard

  • White Label & API

    Optimise & automate your business processes with our turn-key solution on a white label framework. Focus on your core competencies & build lasting customer relationships while we support you to bridge the technology gap

  • Real-time Rates & Inventory Management

    Keep your live inventory always updated on all your channels at once on single platform. Avoid overbooking, reduce operational costs & increase occupancy

  • Mid-to-Back Office Automation Services

    Integrate your booking engines with our robust booking management, operations management, reporting dashboards and/or accounting modules

The Future of Travel Technology

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