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Technology Partners

At Trip Affiliates Network, we work with the latest technology stacks while upholding a constant upgrade cycle where new release features & enhancements are added on without additional costs to our clientele & partners. We work diligently to add new partners on a regular basis to ensure perpetual agility - our objective is to create a premium open marketplace ecosystem enhanced on a solid mainframe supported by on technology partners

Providing a true full laaS & SaaS operational framework for the travel & hospitality industry. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution to our clients ranging from inventory management to payment facilitation

  • Simple API

    Trip Affiliates Network API allows you to obtain rates from multiple global suppliers & sources with one simple integration

  • Powerful Backend

    Our hotel & agency management portals features powerful features such as market restriction, promotional rate plans, multi-currency support & many others & support hotels, activities, land operations & even packages

  • Outbound,Inbound,ERP

    We support both outbound & inbound businesses. Allowing our clients to be able to sell to different market segments using one singular system. Bookings are also integrated with an ERP system allowing for ease of accounting & reporting

Intelligent Hotel Mapping

Reduce the amount of time spent to map hotels from suppliers through our AI powered hotel mapping system, which can map over a million hotels a day

Connectivity Hub

Deploy AI to identify different room types & consolidate into standardized room types such as Deluxe Room, Suite to allow your clients to identify instantly & compare rates for the various room types

Business Scalability

Want to run a marketing campaign but worried your website cannot handle the traffic? With our AI powered solutions, we will automatically adjust the number of servers required to handle the traffic you require without you having to lift a finger


Our systems will automatically optimise themselves through AI based on the usage patterns so that we give you the best performance at any point in time of the day

Trip Affiliates Network Tech Partners

We work with multiple technology partners straddling different industries in order to give the best in class solutions to our clients. Each & every one of our partners are trusted market leaders in their respective industries & we work hand in hand to grow strength to strength

Innovation Empowered By Perpetual Agility

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